I Like Sexy Women 3 (2015) - HDRip + Subtitle Indonesia

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I Like Sexy Women 3 (2015) - HDRip + Subtitle Indonesia

I Like Sexy Women 3 (2015) - tells the story of Ma Gang-se (Kang Pil-seon) are labeled as obscene professor and eventually he was fired. he was desperate with his journey, and finally he committed suicide. On his journey, he meets a mysterious woman named Sara (Son Ga-ram) and spent every night with him to satisfy his sexual needs. however, Gang-se began to suspect the truth of the identity of the woman who began to frequently disappear. Until finally the mystery was revealed.

Detailed Info
Release Date: 26 March 2015 (South Korea)
Genre: Romance | Drama | Erotic | Semi
Cast: Kang Pil, Son Ga, Jeon Ye, Lee Moo
Quality: 720p HDRip
Duration: 1h 21m
Size: 600 Mb
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